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Hi guys,

Here is an awesome 1974 vw bus ragtop 15 windows that we private owner made for his daughter in Brasil. This said this bus is in incredible working condition and i would drive it cross-country with no hesitation. The rust is extremely minimum.

Everything work. Engine starts right away cold or warm, electronic distributor, transmission and brakes are awesome. Turn key bus!


> Exterior:

The bumpers are in very good condition. The steering box is dry, tuned up. The bus is steering easily and the steering wheel is not loose while driving. The frames is awesome with no rust and a little dust, thats it. Check out the pictures. The structure of the frame is excellent shape which could be considered as high as 8.5/10. All new seals around. New paint color combination painted les than 6 month ago. 4 side pop out windows in good condition

> Interior:

The upholstery is in very good condition. Floor mats are in very good condition in the back and the front. Seats belts a re all there .Original steering wheel as well as horn. All panels around. original radio.

> Engine:

- Excellent 1500cc single port, lots of torque, not a weak engine!

- New battery

> Transmission:

Shifts perfectly

> Brakes:

Excellent brakes, smooth and very efficient with no noise or whatsoever.

> Electricity:

100% operational. New light bulbs all around. Everything work.

> Options:

We would be glad to help you make improvements on this bus according to your wishes like deluxe trim, safari windows, roof rack

> Shipping:

WE DO SHIP WORLDWIDE. Please send us an email for a quote and we will answer answer back within 24 hours.


> Paperwork:


PRICE: $47000 OBO

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