Who is VBI?



Based in Los Angeles, California, VintageBusImport is a company formed by Laurent and Julie in february 2014...What could be a better idea than forming a company with the wife and the husband?!....

It started more than 12 years ago ( Laurent) in France with the restoration of a Vw vanagon with a friend of mine. It took us many months for this first experience to restore the bus and we finished the bus right before hitting the road for a long road trip to spain and portugal. Guess what? None problem except that we have lost a CV joint on the road...

After a couple years of imports and personal restorations i met my wonderful wife in los angeles. We've been to new mexico to pick-up our first personal  bus that we called "ONE LOVE". We had to sell it at a certain point and since this day we always wanted to have our own company to drive these buses again and again.

We still haven't kept one bus yet but we have a couple of them for sale but who knows! maybe one day we'll keep one!. We are now specialized in import/export of vw buses but also in any kind of vw cars from all over the world but mainly from south america to Los Angeles or Europe.

If you need something, a beer, a ride, a part, a bus,  please do not hesitate to contact-us, we will answer you within 24 hours no matter what!

J&L / Vintagebusimport

On our way back to Los angeles



To my mother...LOVE

 mum in the 50

Picture from the 50'